(These instructions are for Windows users. I don't have a Mac, but would appreciate any advice on playing these files on one.)
If your browser is configured correctly, midi files should play automatically when you click on a song title. Some browsers do this automatically, but Netscape must be configured.
If you are using Netscape for Windows and the midi files are being displayed as funny-looking text on your screen, follow this procedure:

  • Under the "Options" menu, select "Preferences"
  • Select "Helper Applications"
  • Click the "Create New Type..." button
  • In the "Mime Type" box, type "Audio"
  • In "Mime SubType", type "MIDI"
  • Click "OK"
  • In the "File Extensions" box, type "mid"
  • In "Action," click the box marked "Launch the Application"
  • The best application to choose is usually Media Player. You can either click the "Browse" button until you find the midi player you wish to use, or you can type in (usually) "c:\windows\mplayer.exe"
  • Click the "OK" box, and you are done!

    If all else fails, you can get all of the files directly from my ftp site.

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